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What people are saying about us

ECU Remap Ford Fiesta

Liam - Ford Fiesta

"Fantastic service all round, I can’t believe how much difference it’s made in the performance of my car, very good value for money, highly recommend"

Greg - SEAT Leon FR

"Superb service. Very happy with the new performance. Would recommend to anyone."

ECU Remap Seat Leon
ECU Remap Golf GTD

Stu - Golf GTD

"Excellent service, 10/10 would recommend"

Robbie - Audi S3

"Great results following a tuning, very happy to recommend! The car is driving like a dream!"

ECU Remapping Audi S3
ECU Remap Mercedes E220glia Remap My C

Callum - E220 CDI

"Great service from Mike today!

My Mercedes’ E220 has gone from 168bhp to around 220! Huge improvement to driving not only with the power, but how smooth it is!

Will definitely be getting future cars done."

Mike - Audi TT

"Great work from Mike this morning, just released those extra horses and pulling power, noticeable improvement on acceleration in the mid-range where you need it. Highly recommended."

ECU Remap BMW 530d

Sam - BMW 530d

"Excellent friendly and most of all professional service.
Great knowledge in the remap world"

Hugh - GLC250

"Really great service, great response time and so happy with the result. Would recommend to anyone"

ECU Remap Mercedes GLC
ECU Remap Jaguar XE

Jamie - Jaguar XE

"Great value and service"

Tyler - Astra GTC

"Very friendly and quick service, also very cheap, cars running great"

ECU Remap Vauxhall Astra GTC
ECU Remap VW Caddy

Hamilton - VW Caddy

"Great service, great value. Crazy gains in my VW Caddy’s power and torque, all done at the kerb outside my house. Highly recommend."

Jamie - CLA200 CDI

"Great company, I highly recommend! I will definitely be using them again. Thanks"

ECU Remap Mercedes CLA200
ECU Remap Audi A4 2.0 TDI

Paul - Audi A4

"Arrived before appointment time after a phone call to make sure I was available. The job took longer than expected (just the way it goes sometimes), but the results were as promised. Happy with the end result."

Jarrard - SEAT Leon FR

"Amazing service couldn’t recommend more!

Completely transforms a stock car!

Was quick and prompt replies and even made time to accommodate my work pattern 5/5!"

ECU Remap Blue SEAT Leon FR
ECU Remap Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro

Nigel - Audi A5 Quattro

"Mapped my 2015 A5 225 tfsi Quattro yesterday, now up to 300 brake and an additional 90nm torque, it absolutely FLIES!! Love it.."

Levi - Ford Transit Connect

"Great business to deal with. A very detailed and informative company to recommend. Great work carried out. Very happy"

ECU Remap Ford Transit Connect
ECU Remap SEAT Ateca

Chris - SEAT Ateca

"Great experience all round.
Mike from Performance EA talked me through what could be done and expected results, thankfully reminded me to check insurance and came out to do the remap on the drive whilst I worked from home.

Really pleased with the results. Could feel the difference in acceleration straight away and looking forward to seeing what it does for long term MPG."

Wayne - Ford Kuga

"Outstanding service,Michael arrived on time,was very professional from the start.
He explained exactly what he was going to do and what I could expect in terms of power and mpg gains.
After which I confidently left him too it.
After just an hour my car was mapped and we took for a drive.
Wow what a noticeable big difference,I loved the car before but now smiling from ear to ear.torque is much better mpg is better too win win.highly recommend this company.def use again thanks performance tuning east anglia."

ECU Remap Ford Kuga
ECU Remap VW Golf GTI

Sean - Golf GTI

"Had my golf gti remapped by Mike it’s a totally different car to drive seen some great gains and he’s a really nice guy! Would highly recommend! Thanks again!

Louis - BMW 114i

"Mike was super helpful, he was more than happy to answer any questions I had. I looked into around 20 company’s to remap my car but decided to go with these guys, Great decision! If your looking to get your car remapped Performance Tuning East Anglia is exactly what you need! Thanks again Mike!"

ECU Remap BMW F20 114i
ECU Remap Vauxhall Cascada Tuning Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Remappin

Stephen - Vauxhall Cascada

"Excellent service bloke explained everything as he went along and results we more than I expected would definitely recommend"

Anthony - VW Golf 2.0T MkVI

"Another cracking job done. This is how it should have felt from the factory. I love it. Just need to get my exhaust made now and it should be even better."

ECU Remap 2001MkVI VW Golf Engine Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Remappin
ECU Remap 2011 BMW E81 118d Tuning Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Remappi

Harvey - BMW 118d

"Great customer service fast and very helpful. Would certainly recommend."

Dobromir - Audi A6 AllRoad

"Another cracking job done. This is how it should have felt from the factory. I love it. Just need to get my exhaust made now and it should be even better."

ECU Remap Audi A6 AllRoad 3.0 TDI V6 Tuning Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car EC
ECU Remap VW T6 Transporter Tuning Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Remappi

Jason - VW T6 Transporter

"I would like to thank and highly recommend Performance Tuning East Anglia for putting my T6 2015 back down to 140 bhp from 180 bhp. Very professional service 10/10"

Scott - BMW 330d

"First and foremost Mike is extremely professional in his approach right from the first message I sent. Because of this I booked him straight away and he arrived early on the appointment date looking professional and ready to answer any questions. I handed over my key carried on decorating and left him to it and he kept me updated on proceedings. The job was completed and we went on a drive and omg it felt the same driving through the estate nice and calm but when I got on clear road and opened up the taps the car launched forward like a rocketship, a huge noticeable difference and still a smooth calm drive when I wanted it, everything I wanted and was promised. We then had a 30min chat about watches and it was like talking to an old friend. Couldn't recommend Mike and PTEA enough, if you are looking for a great, honest tuner then look no further, this is your guy. BMW 330D"

ECU Remap 2015 BMW 330d Tuning Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Remapping N
ECU Remap Jaguar XF 3.0d Outside 1 Performance East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Remapping Near

Mark - Jaguar XF

"After seeing Mike’s advert on Facebook I made contact regarding remapping my Jaguar XF 3.0d. From the first contact to when the job was completed, communication was first class. Mike explained everything in lay man’s terms whilst carrying out the work. My car drives so much better. Greater throttle response and more torque. In fact an extra 50bhp and 75 nm of torque. I highly recommend these guys for what they do. First class!!!"

Daniel - Audi A4

"After seeing an ad on Facebook I decided to give Mike a message. From start to finish he was polite, helpful and accommodating. I originally booked in a month in advance but decided to rebook. Mike had me booked in for the very next day at my house. I wasn’t there, but my wife was. He explained everything to her and spoke in plain English rather than jargon. I gave my car a test drive when home as was massively impressed with the performance gains. Audi A4 2009 B8. Out the factory was 118bhp it’s now at 185bhp. Throttle response is superb and the increase in range is good too. Thanks again for accommodating my needs and talking me through the steps of the job. Highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a remap.

ECU Remap Audi A4 2.0L TDI 2009 Tuning Performance Tuning East Anglia Remap My Car ECU Rem
ECU Remap 2015 Audi A5 2.0 TDI Cabrio Blue Tuning.png

Peter - Audi A5

"Had my Audi A5 2.0Tdi done this week. 177bhp to 210. Really impressed. So much nicer to drive now. Picks up quicker in drive, no need to put it in sport mode now. I’ve had several cars done first time used this guy and the improvement is far greater than any other."

Anthony - Ford Ranger

"I was so chuffed with the results on this. It drives like a new truck. What a lovely guy too. I loved the results and service so much that I'm trying to work out what else I can get mapped now."

ECU Remap Ford Ranger 3.2 Black Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2017 Skoda Octavia VRS White Tuning.png

Carl - Skoda Octavia vRS

"Thanks again Mike, as soon as I drove the car it was instantly noticeable the difference the map made sooo happy with it now."

Daniel - VW Transporter T5

"Thank you Mike, after completing a 400 mile round trip last week the van drove absolutely great, pulled well and very smooth, van was packed with 4 adults 1 child and all the luggage, very happy."

ECU Remap 2013 VW Transporter T5 Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2013 VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI R Line Tuning.png

Dylan - VW Scirocco

"Excellent company, really friendly, easy to book, turned up on time and was finished ahead of schedule
Performance change in my car is excellent and well worth the (very reasonable) cost."

Grant - Ford Mondeo

"My 1.5 tdi mondeo was mapped with the aim of fuel economy and I'm very happy overall the fuel saving is which is around 10%."

ECU Remap 2015 Ford Mondeo 1.5 TDCI Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2014 BMW 120d Tuning.png

Mark - BMW 118d

"Awesome service, amazing product, professional staff and will be using Mike for all mapping in future and will recommend to everyone."

Dale - Cupra Formentor

"Can't recommend Mike enough. I have been looking at getting a remap for my new Cupra and he was great with sourcing and doing the job. Would use again."

ECU Remap Cupra Formentor Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2014 Mercedes A220 CDI Tuning.png

Jake - a220

"Very professional customer service received, very polite and humble decent guy. Instantly noticed performance improvements on my vehicle. Would use again, highly recommend."

Kevin - Ford Mondeo

"Excellent service! Mike turned up on time and completed my sons and my car in under three hours. Results on both cars are impressive to say the least. My car starts better, gear changes are smoother and power delivery is night and day compared to before."

ECU Remap 2009 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Titanium Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2015 Audi A5 2.0 TDI White Tuning.png

Guy - Audi A5

"Had Mike come out and do a stage 1 performance map on my Audi A5, and wow! massive difference now, Mike was very professional and explained everything he was doing, and really knows his stuff, if your thinking of a remap, Do it!! Best mod I've done by far, thanks mike."

Nigel - VW Scirocco 1.9 TSI

"Quick friendly service. Remap was completed within an hour."

ECU Remap 2016 VW Scirocco Blue Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2012 Ford Kuga Black Tuning.png

Darren - Ford Kuga

"Excellent communication, car feels much more responsive than before - would highly recommend the service given."

Mark - BMW 520d

Had my bmw 520d remapped today. Jeez what a difference it really is.

It's now a proper sleeper with a bit of grunt.

Highly recommend Perfomance Tuning East Anglia to get your car or whatever transportation you have done by these.

I am now gaining extra 14mpg on a country lane route and the response behind the driver's wheel is awesome.

Cheers Gang."

ECU Remap 2011 BMW 520d Black Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2017 BMW 420d Tuning.png

Stu - BMW 420d

"Professional & quality service, took just over an hour.

BMW420D remapped, went for the performance remap from 190bhp, 400nm, now sitting around 240bhp, 470nm.

it's as rapid as hell, pulls like a train.

very very satisfied.

Thks to the team."

Richard - Audi A6

"5* service from me… was unsure if the car already had a map and Mike went to the trouble to remove the ecu and check and unfortunately it already had a map put on. Any new map may have caused problems and another tuner could possibly have made things worse. Proper nice bloke and gold star service. Highly recommended 5*."

ECU Remap 2009 Audi A6 Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2011 Audi A5 1.9 TSI White Tuning.png

Rob - Audi A5 1.9 TSI

"Had my Audi A5 convertible remapped and wow,what a big difference its makes to the car ,the accelration and the extra pulling power it has now is far more superior then it was before.(it was 160 bhp .Now its 210 bhp)Big thankyou to Mike for being so professional and very experience about the stage 1 tune,this Guy really knows his stuff and I would recommend to anyone. 5*"

Jan - SEAT Ibiza 2.0 TDI

"Awesome service!! Had my Ibiza TDi remapped by Mike today and I’m over the moon!

Great service, very knowledgeable guy and the humble little Ibiza absolutely flys now!!

Will deffo use again!"

ECU Remap 2011 SEAT Ibiza 2.0 TDI Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2014 Vauxhall Insignia Silver Tuning.png

Arron - Astra 1.4T

"Just had my Vauxhall Astra J 1.4t remapped and omg the car drives so amazingly well now, power comes in earlier and much smoother.

Very happy with the kind professional service I received I highly recommend."

Bob - BMW 420d

"Turned up on the dot and explained what would happen during the remap stage 1 on my BMW 420d m sport and once done we went for a test drive which was amazing. Very knowledgeable chap and the difference in power is spot on. So, so happy with the result and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend mike if you’re looking for that bit of extra tuning.

Thank you!"

ECU Remap 2016 BMW 420d White Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2009 BMW 125d White Tuning.png

Ricky - BMW 123d

"Had my 123d coupe remapped today. Mike was very friendly from start to finish and very professional, done a brilliant job on my car - pulls so much harder."

James - Mercedes A180

"Very happy with the remap on my Mercedes A180, really professional from start to finish and the results were brilliant. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a hassle free, friendly service from people you can trust."

ECU Remap 2014 Mercedes A220 CDI Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2008 Mercedes C220 Silver Tuning.png

Luke - C220

"Honest and reliable

Great job!"

Sam - Audi A6

"Great guy, super helpful, would recommend"

ECU Remap Audi A6 AllRoad 3.0 TDI V6 Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2011 118d White Tuning.png

Scott - BMW 120d

"I had my e82 done this morning. Had the stage 1 map and wow what a difference - feels like a different car. Mike was very professional and explained how the difference would be and now it pulls like a train. Very happy customer, thanks Mike!"

Dan - BMW 420d

"Mike is very professional, turned up on time and did a great job on my BMW 420d!

Highly recommend!"

2015 BMW 320d Blue 1.jpg
ECU Remap 2013 BMW 320d Blue Tuning.png

Aaron - BMW 320d

"5* service, highly recommend these guys. Great service from start to finish. Fast responses on facebook. Since having the remap my BMW 320D is like driving a totally new car. Amazing performance with surprisingly improved MPG

Again highly recommend!"

Philip - Audi TT 1.8TS

"Had my TT remapped and wow..!! What a difference! Plus I’m getting a lot better fuel economy as well so win win! Couldn’t recommend high enough! Came to my house within an hour all done!"

ECU Remap 2016 Audi TT 1.8 TFSI Silver Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2015 Vauxhall Astra GTC Black Tuning.png

Nigel - Vauxhall Astra GTC

"Professional service. I had my astra GTC stage 1 tuned. It increased mpg by 3 miles per gallon."

Neill - Jaguar XJL

"Wow, wow! What can I say?! Very personal and all round nice guy. I had my XJL done today for a stage 1 remap, now it has had it done it sound different, looks different and hell is it a lot more fun to drive and now she is a perfect cat. Many thanks to you and your team."

ECU Remap 2011 Jaguar XJL Silver Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2015 Audi A5 2.0 TDI White Tuning.png

Paul - Audi Q5

"Performance tuning came on Saturday. Mike called on the day to confirm arrival time.

My Audi Q5 2.0tdi 177bhp, after remap has 210bhp but a very noticeable upgrade. Car runs perfectly smooth on start up and through the gears, pulls like train from the start and all the way through rev range. Also delivers 5mpg more than before so I’m 1 very happy customer.

If your looking to upgrade economy or performance give these a call highly recommend.

Thanks very much I love it."

Aidan - Audi A3 1.8TSI

"What a result! Brilliant communication - all throughout offered good support and knowledge on the whole process of remapping my car, highly recommend! Absolute weapon of a car now all thanks to you guys."

ECU Remap 2013 Audi A3 1.8TFSI White Tuning.png
ECU Remap Abarth 595 Tuning.png

Wayne - Abarth 595

"Had my Abarth 595 remapped earlier this year and it was a game changer. New car incoming this month and PTEA will be my first call!!!"

Andy - BMW M540i

"Mike's a genuine nice guy who explained everything I needed to know and very happy with the test drive after the map on my 2017 BMW M540i XDrive. The car's an absolute weapon now. Thorougly recommended company and definitely use again."

ECU Remap 2017 BMW 540i Blue Tuning.png
ECU Remap 2017 Jaguar XE 2.0d Tuning.png

Carl - Jaguar XF 2.0d

"Excellent and very fast service and a good price. The remap turned out great - loads more mid range power. Don’t know about mpg yet, but thanks again."

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